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10 Animated Movies That You Always Seem To Forget About

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It seems that a new animated movie is hitting the big screen, the television, or going straight to DVD every other week. With so many films inundating the market, it makes it hard to remember all of the classics that we used to watch as children. Even if we do remember most of our favorites, there are always those ones that we watched and loved, but completely forgot about as the years passed by.

If you need a little bit of a reminder, hopefully this list will bring back memories of watching these movies, so that your kids can enjoy them just as much as you did.

1. The Hobbit - The Rankin-Bass version.

Before we had the Academy Award winning series, there was Rankin-Bass, who put out a series of animated movies covering the works of Tolkien, including The Hobbit from 1977. It was a lot darker than your average kids movie, but it did help a lot of 70s and 80s kids fall in love with the world of science-fiction and fantasy.

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2. Watership Down

This film was an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Richard Adam. It followed a group of rabbits as they fled their home to find a new place to live, free of human interference. It was surprisingly bloody and violent, and isn't recommended for young children, but it was still an intense viewing for those who liked drama.


3. The Road to El Dorado

The movie follows friends Tulio and Miguel as they search for the city of El Dorado, or more mystically known as the "Lost City of Gold." They are originally motivated by greed, but that all changes once they start to appreciate the culture of the people that live there.  

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4. The Black Cauldron

It is the classic tale of good versus evil. Taran is tasked with protecting the only being that knows the location of a dark mystical item, the black cauldron. He and his group of friends set out on an adventure to find the cauldron before the Evil Horned King managed to find it and end the world as they know it.


5. Antz

The misfit suddenly becomes the hero as he helps his colony finally throw off the shackles of tyranny imposed on them by the evil grasshoppers. With the help of his friends, the circus bugs, he manages to save the day with only a few setbacks.  

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