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10 Actors Who Attempted To Mimic Hollywood Legends

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Casting for movies and TV is never easy, but it's especially difficult to find someone who can pull off an already recognizable person really well. That actor not only has to get the look and mannerisms down, but also the voice, the style of performance, and even all their little quirks if they want to be believable. Here are a few actors that definitely did their absolute best.

Jaleel White (as Steve Urkel) - Bruce Lee

Warner Bros.

Remember when Urkel built a transformation machine to become Stefan Urquelle, his smooth alter-ego, to woo Laura? Well it turned out to have other uses, because when his local park was being threatened by a gang of rowdy teenagers, he straight up used it to become Bruce Lee! To be fair, his impression is actually pretty accurate, from the voice to the gestures.

John Travolta and Nicolas Cage - Each Other


In Face/Off, one of the most insane action movies of the 90s, John Travolta has Nicolas Cage's face grafted onto his own in order to infiltrate his gang. However, Cage wakes up from a coma and does the same, so now we've got Travolta pretending to be Cage... who is pretending to be Taravolta... and vice-versa. It's as amazing as it is absurd.

Martin Landau - Bela Lugosi


One of the most criminally overlooked actors of all time, Bela Lugosi starred in tons of horror movies from the 1930s onwards, and gave us the entirety of how we picture Dracula. While he unfortunately died a penniless morphine addict, his legacy lead to an Oscar win for Martin Landau, who portrayed Lugosi in Tim Burton's Ed Wood.

Robert Downey Jr. - Charlie Chaplin

Carolco Pictures

Trying to be taken seriously as a dramatic actor while also battling his demons in the late 90s, Robert Downey Jr. gave a stellar performance as the original king of physical comedy, Charlie Chaplin.

Seriously, some of these next ones are uncanny...

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