Welcome to Insights! And update 1.88

Hail and well met!

This here is what we are calling Insights. This is simply a place where we can keep track of updates, split test results, or any other information we may need to pass on. Currently, it will simply function like a private blog for when you're logged in, but in the future we plan to add a notification system, to make sure you never miss any important info!

Buzzkill Update 1.88

Here's some updates you might care about


  • Community video uploads is live! shared.com/upload/ tell your friends
  • Some tweaks to hopefully help page load speed

Instant Articles

  • No longer uses pagination. It will automatically use the full article, so you don't need to worry about removing your pages on the site. Just keep in mind that any throws in the content to click through to the next page need to be removed.
  • Now available on Throwbacks!

Facebook Posts

  • Scheduling bug fixed! Everywhere! You can now use the Reschedule button from the View Posts list, as well as scheduling from within the editor, and I promise it will work.
  • Channel Verified Status: Buzzkill can tell if a page is verified and will only send the Business Partner information to those that are.

Dark Posting

  • Ad previews for created facebook dark posts to see how an ad was created.
  • Campaign stats page much faster and no more facebook red screen of death!
  • Support setting a Shared lookalike audience when creating darkposts