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Want To Know The Trick To Where's Waldo? It's Easier Than You Thought!

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There are very few things that are as frustrating as a Where's Waldo puzzle. Sure, you know it's intended for children. And yes, you know he is in there SOMEWHERE, but finding him is not always the easiest thing. Maybe it's just me, but I still have a bit of trouble finding that stripe-wearing guy sometimes. It's kind of like those I Spy books, where you know you should be able to find the things but you just can't.

It doesn't mean I won't try! These are some of the tricky Where's Waldo images you might remember from your childhood, but how well do you remember them? Can you still figure out where that sneaky guy is hiding?

Let's see how many you can find! After you try a few out we will let you in on the so-called "optimal search path" that apparently helps you find Waldo faster.

How did you do? Want to know the secret to figuring out Where Waldo really is? Check out the next page for what they call the "Optimal Search Path" to help you find Waldo faster.

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