20 Songs From The 80s That Never Fail To Get Stuck In Your Head

The 80s was a time of big hair, bright clothes and the best music. There were crazy fun pop hits, awesome rock songs and crazy synth music that was taking over everything. The most notable thing? All of these songs would get completely stuck in your head. GiphyYou would be having a perfectly normal day, but then you'd hear one of these songs and then the rest of your afternoon was spent singing and dancing to a song no one else could hear. Think you  can make it through this list without getting one of these stuck in your


The True Story Of Love And Obsession That Inspired The One Hit Wonder 'My Sharona'

Some songs seem to last for ever. They are such a hit that they are completely timeless and people will love them no matter how old they are. My Sharona is one of those songs. CapitolThe classic rock band The Knacks may have been a 'one-hit-wonder', but their one hit was pretty epic. But did you ever wonder if there really was a 'Sharona'? Turns out, the story behind the song is just as good as the song itself! It's pretty crazy how the whole thing went down. Check out the whole story below! The Knack was composed of four


10 Music Compilations That Were In All Of Our Discmans When We Were Kids

There was absolutely no better way to listen to music than to get all your favorite hits from all the best artists on one convenient CD. EbayThere were too many good songs on too many different albums, so we'd just get the amazing compilation mixes instead and save ourselves some money!  How many of these CDs do you remember owning? Now That's What I Call Music! AmazonYTV Big Fun Party Mixhttp://www.ebay.ca/itm/132153494504EbayBig Shiny TunesAmazonSabrina the Teenage Witch The AlbumEbayPlanet PopEbayThere were even more compilations that you know you remember! Click to the next page to