Now You Can Live In Super Mario World, Thanks To Virtual Reality

There are a few worlds that we wish we could enter. Obviously there a million movies that we would love to insert ourselves into, but one that has been a staple in our own world for decades is the Mario world. The video games have been around since the original Nintendo system but it has constantly been evolving into bigger and better things, most recently turning it into an enormous game that is going to be released soon. But that game is still being done the same way they all have: on screens. NintendoWhether it's an NES, an N64, or


No One Remembers This Mario TV Show, But It Might Be The Strangest Thing Ever Made

No one seems to remember this bizarre piece of television history. Everyone who I have ever asked about this show denies that it existed, but obviously it was a real thing because I am not capable of making it up, it's too weird. Maybe people are just trying to forget it because of how awful it was? What show am I talking about? The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! And yes, the exclamation point is part of the title. The show only lasted one season, but wow did it ever leave an impression (on those who haven't blocked it out)