13 Faces You Definitely Recognize But Had Completely Forgotten About Until Now

It's hard to remember every name from every movie, TV show or commercial from your childhood, but that doesn't stop us from recognizing their faces. There were a lot of characters to keep track of, let's see how many you actually remember! 1. Buena Vista Pictures2. NBC3. YouTube4. Warner Bros. 5. Lucas Film Ltd. 6. The Family Channel7. CBSThere are more faces you probably forgot about, click to the next page to see more and to check your answers! 8. Nickelodeon 9. DiC10. CBC11. PBS12. Fox Kids13. DiC EntertainmentCan you remember all of their names? Check below for the answers!


11 Characters From Your Favorite Shows You Probably Can't Name

We all had our favorite shows when we were kids and watched them religiously. The thing is, it's been a long time since we last caught up with Sabrina or Pepper Ann, so the details of the show have since faded away. Giphy Trying to remember all these characters honestly brings back so many memories. It's crazy to think that we used to know all of these names without a doubt, but now each of them takes a bit of time to dig out of our minds. Can you manage to remember all of these characters' names? 1. 2.ABC3.