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Disney Sidekicks Don't Get Enough Love, But Which One Is The Absolute Best?

Disney movies are an essential part of childhood. Everyone has their favorites, whether it's because they love the hero, the villain, or the songs. But you know what is really the most important thing in the who thing? THE SIDEKICKS!

Most of these Disney movies would be nothing without their little friends. The whole movie would fall apart without them and they absolutely don't get enough love. Sure, you have every second kid dressing up as Ariel for Halloween, but where are the Flounders, Scuttles and Sebastians?


There are a lot of sidekicks out there, but some that stand above the rest and really make the movie what it needs to be. Let's see if you can even pick just one favorite, because honestly they are all so good.

Now, obviously it's impossible to put them in an order because it's too hard to pick a favorite, but these are some of the best sidekicks from the classic Disney movies.

Abu, Rajah and The Magic Carpet - Aladdin

There are absolutely too many good sidekicks in Aladdin, so let's start with the best monkey in all the world.

Abu is loyal, clever, and always ready to help out his best bud. He has a bit of a greedy side, but you know what, he always does the right thing in the end. His outfit matches Aladdin all the time, and he even makes an adorable elephant. Perfect sidekick!

Rajah is Jasmine's best friend and in turn made every kid want a pet tiger. Even though it was technically a punishment, when Rajah was turned back into a baby it was the best thing ever. Rajah looks out for Jasmine all of the time, making sure that those who aren't treating her right stay away from her and it's amazing.

Without The Magic Carpet the movie Aladdin wouldn't exist. Obviously it's needed for the best song ever, A Whole New World, and also just is a great character on its own. The way it tracks Aladdin and Abu through the Cave of Wonders is adorable and then its long-lasting friendship with Genie just proves how perfect it is.

Flounder & Scuttle - The Little Mermaid

Flounder is a sweet boy who just wants to be buddies with Ariel but she's constantly getting into trouble. It doesn't stop him though, he has the best time with her and follows her through all her crazy decisions.

Scuttle is a weird friend to have, but I can see why Ariel thought he was so great. He is pretty hilarious, and his confidence (albeit unfounded) is hilarious. He helps her learn all the things about the human world, and even though they are pretty much all wrong at least he tries!

Thumper and Flower - Bambi

Thumper is such a good buddy for Bambi. He is such a cute little character and he welcomes Bambi when he needs it most.

Flower is just the cutest thing. Naming a skunk Flower is pretty perfect and that alone is enough to be included on the list.

Meeko and Percy - Pocahontas

Pocahontas needs a friend, and there is no better than Meeko. He made every kid want a pet raccoon which is obviously not the best idea, but it didn't stop us from wishing.

Percy has to be included simply because Pugs are adorable and I love them.

Jiminy Cricket - Pinocchio

I guess we all need to learn about a conscious, and the way we did that was through Jiminy Cricket. His constant reminders, while spoiling the fun, teach us how to be a better person and I guess that's probably for the best.

Pegasus - Hercules

If all horses could be like Pegasus that would be ideal. He is super brave, super funny and there is honestly nothing more useful than a flying horse.


Sebastian - Little Mermaid

He is special enough to get his own category. He doesn't ever give up on Ariel even when he doesn't agree with her choices. He is such a good uncle-type figure for her, keeping an eye on her when she gets herself into some bad situations. He also handles himself really well under pressure, and is a formidable opponent to anyone who tries to hurt him.


There are a lot more amazing sidekicks to remember, and you can vote for your favorite one once you click to the next page!

Gus Gus and Jaq - Cinderella

Gus Gus is the sweetest thing in all the world. There is nothing funnier than watching him try to stack corn kernels and then having them fall out everywhere. Gets me every time.


Jaq is a good friend for Cinderella. He works hard and does everything he can to make all her dreams come true, and isn't going to give up on her no matter what.

The Dwarfs - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Each Dwarf has their strengths and they are all important as a group. Snow White would have probably died immediately if it wasn't for them, so it's very lucky they didn't kick her out after she broke into their home.

Mrs.Potts, Chip, Lumiere & Cogsworth- Beauty and the Beast

Mrs. Potts is one of the best moms in a Disney movie ever. She essentially adopts Belle as her own and makes sure she is taken care of and safe. She also does her best to cheer her up even though she knows it must be hard.

Chip is like a little baby brother who is just too adorable to skip. He is so cute and curious and it's really upsetting if you think about the fact that the evil witch turned a child into a cup because someone was rude to her. He did not deserve it!

Lumiere is just the ultimate entertainer. He sets up one of the most glorious dinner theater shows ever without any rehearsal! Although, maybe they have been practicing that for years. I mean, what else were they doing all that time?

While Cogsworth often comes off as a bit of a wet blanket type, he absolutely steps in to defend the castle when Gaston brings in his angry mob and he is great in the whole thing.

Iago - Aladdin

He couldn't really be put in with the rest of the characters because he was technically a bad guy and it felt wrong. But Iago is one of the best bad guys out there! He is a lazy bad guy, only really doing the bare minimum to help his villain, and he complains about it the entire time.

Mushu - Mulan

Musha is sent from her ancestors to help protect her and you know what, he does an okay job. He isn't maybe as big and scary as you might think a dragon should be, but he is exactly what he needs to be and that's what matters.

Timon & Pumba - The Lion King

The absolute best pair in the Disney franchises cannot be separated. They are the best of friends, and their generosity, ingenuity and bravery is impressive. You might not think that they would be thought of as super brave, but they took in a lion even though they are both technically what is normally thought of as lion food. Also they were super brave in the fight against scar and helped save the day!  


Tinkerbell- Peter Pan

She's a bit of a picky and judgmental sidekick, but her magic helps Wendy and the boys learn to fly which is pretty great. While she isn't the nicest person out there she does everything because she loves Peter so much which is a nice quality to have.

Genie - Aladdin

While it's hard to rank all the sidekicks, there is one who is clearly better than the rest and it is obviously Genie from Aladdin. There is no better companion in any Disney movie in history. His clever jokes, fast references, and obviously his magic really make him the best of the best.

Who is your favorite Disney sidekick?

If your favorite was missing from the list make sure you share them in the comments!