Christina Aguilera Shows Off Dramatic Transformation In New Photos And It's Stunning

When we first met Christina Aguilera, she was just a little girl chasing her dream of becoming a pop star.

She was only eight years old when she won her first talent show. A year later, in 1990, she made a name for herself as a child star on the talent show Star Search.

Christina Aguilera on Star Search
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Sadly, she did not win first place; a boy by the name of Christopher Eason did, but she did end up becoming a superstar anyway.

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Christina was a prominent figure at Pittsburgh sports games. She performed the national anthem before hockey, football, and baseball games. Then in 1992, she was tapped to perform "The Star Spangled Banner" at the Stanley Cup Finals.

A young Christina Aguilera singing

The following year, when she finally met the minimum age requirement, Christina joined Disney's The Mickey Mouse Club, and performed musical numbers as well as sketches alongside stars like Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Ryan Gosling.

The show was cancelled in 1994, but it provided Christina with the platform and boost she needed to break into the music scene.

The Mickey Mouse Club
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At 14, she recorded her first single, "All I Wanna Do," and a few years later, she was picked by Disney to sing the theme song "Reflection" for the animated film Mulan.

She was soon given a recording contract, and in 1999, her debut single "Genie in a Bottle" was released.

That was the beginning of Christina's race to become a princess of pop.

Her music, including hits like "What a Girl Wants," "I Turn to You," and "Come on Over Baby (All I Want Is You), provided the soundtrack to the lives of many tweens and teens back in late 1990s and early 2000s.  

Christina Aguilera in 1999
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However, beside her vocal prowess and infectious songs, there was something else that made Christina stand out from the rest: her ever-changing look.

Over the years, she went from good-girl-gone-bad, to old Hollywood glamour, to au natural.

Let's take a look at the evolution:

Christina first transitioned from a Disney kid to a pop powerhouse with a girl-next-door look.

The List

Turns out, "innocent" pop songs weren't really what Christina really wanted to record, so she took her music and style towards a more urban direction.

Christina Aguilera
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Although her first album was a hit, and earned her a Grammy Award, Christina called it "fluffy" with "no real substance" in a 2002 interview with Newsweek.

In conjunction with the her fourth album, Stripped, Christina debuted a new provocative look, characterized by revealing clothes, a nose ring, underlip piercing and black streaks in her hair.

Official Charts

"I just get really bored with sticking to the norm and having the proper conservative image," Aguilera told MTV in 2002.

Three years later, Christina went back to the basics by channeling old Hollywood glam.

Christina Aguilera posing for photos at the Grammys

The singer also got married to music executive Jordan Bratman, and in 2008, they welcomed their first child, Max Liron.

Unfortunately, they got a divorce in 2010, and that meant another new look from the pop star.

That same year, Christina released her "choppy, postmodern" album Bionic, which was heavily influenced by electronic music, and created a sexy look around the theme.

Christina Aguilera giving an interview

"I've never felt [...] more sexy in my life than I do now," the star told Billboard

In 2011, Aguilera joined the panel of judges on The Voice, and people immediately started commenting on how much her body has changed.

She was being criticized for gaining weight and "butchering" the national anthem at the 2011 Super Bowl.

She responded to the haters saying "My boyfriend [loves] my body. My son is healthy and happy, so that's all that matters to me."

In a 2016 interview with Women's Health, Christina revealed that when it comes to her body, she doesn't let the pressure to look a certain way get to her.

"I’m not into deprivation; I’m not into suffering into getting a great body or the body that you want. I’m into enjoying life, being conscious and aware, but also breathing into yourself and owning what you got."
Christina Aguilera at the  2016 Breakthrough Prize Ceremony
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She took a hiatus from The Voice and disappeared from the public eye for a while.

Now, she has returned to the scene and once again, she looks very different. Auguilera ditched her signature red lip and dark eye liner, and went totally bare-faced for her latest magazine spread.

The 37-year-old's photos were published in Paper magazine, and they're jaw-droppingly beautiful!

Surely the singer looked beautiful before, and there was nothing wrong with her making the choice to wear a lot of makeup, but there's something absolutely ethereal about the way she looks in this magazine spread.

See for yourself:

Christina Aguilera on the cover of Paper Magazine
Paper Magazine

For the first time in a long time, we finally get a chance to see the woman behind the glamorous makeup, freckles and all!

She looks drop dead gorgeous! I would really like to know which skincare products she uses because just look at how smooth her face looks.

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In the accompanying interview, Christina opens up about her decision to go make-up free for the whole world to see.

For many of us, going bare-faced may not a big deal, but for public figures like Christina that are under the pressure to always look perfect, it takes a certain level of confidence.

"I’ve always been someone that obviously loves to experiment, loves theatrics, loves to create a storyline and play a character in a video or through stage,” she tells Paper. “I’m a performer, that’s who I am by nature. But I’m at the place, even musically, where it’s a liberating feeling to be able to strip it all back and appreciate who you are and your raw beauty.”

Still, the pop star says don't expect her to completely ditch the cosmetics a la her fellow The Voice coach Alicia Keys.

"I mean, I’m a girl that likes a beat face," she admits. "Let’s not get it twisted."

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Of course, the internet couldn't handle how amazing the singer looked, and they shared exactly how they felt about it on social media.