13 Amazing 80s Styles That You Know You Rocked

Kids today have a vague idea of the 80s through TV, movies and just general knowledge that gets passed down, but some of us actually lived through that nonsense. There was neon EVERYWHERE, and hair was bigger than you could possibly imagine. Not everyone wants to remember it fondly because it was a lot going on at once, but you know what, we should embrace our choices. The 80s were the brightest, most colorful and perhaps the most fun decade fashion wise that we have ever had. Kids today may get little pieces of it here and there, but they

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Cher's Awesome Closet System Is Now Essentially Real, And We Are Totally Buggin'

We all watched Clueless back when it came out and in so many moments we were envious of Cher. She had amazing hair, a cool car, and all kinds of other advantages that we wish we had. One of the most awesome things in Cher's giant house was her closet. Not only because she had amazing clothes, but because Cher had this crazy computer system that helped her get dressed.The system would tell her if the clothes were a mismatch (which sounds super handy) and it would activate the electronic system that would find all the pieces of the


You Can Bring Lisa Frank Back Into Your Life, And It's Absolutely Amazing

Pretty much every 80s and 90s kid remembers Lisa Frank. Her colorful collection of school supplies and stickers brightened up our childhoods and really taught us that the best combination of colors, is ALL THE COLORS. Well, the Lisa Frank makeup collection is coming really soon and people are getting excited. Their brushes are covered in unicorns and even though we haven't seen the full collection yet you know it's going to be awesome. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak at one of the brushes and it is absolutely awesome. It's everything your 12-year-old self dreamed it


This Retro Toy Catalog Will Make You Wish It Was 1982

They say you don't really know everything you have until it's gone, and that couldn't be more true. Just think of all the awesome toys we lost over the years!I mean, what would you give for the chance to have your old Transformers back again? How about those He-Man action figures you collected? We can't bring back all those treasures from your childhood, but we have the next best thing: a guided tour through the toy section from JCPenney's 1982 Christmas catalog.You'll be surprised how many of your favorite 80s toys are still around, and which ones you've


Get Excited: A New Roald Dahl Clothing Line Is Here

Roald Dahl books are such a classic part of every kids' childhood. They were full of whimsy, love, and imagination. They provided an incredible escape into a fantasy land during a time where we didn't have technology to distract us. In a genius act of invention, Boden clothing brand has partnered with Dahl's literary estate to create a clothing line inspired by his iconic books. Unfortunately for us, the clothing is currently only in children's sizing. But if you have little ones yourself, or your friends have some cute kids to spoil, then you can take it to a whole


80s Style Icons: Then and Now

We looked up to them as fashion goddesses. What they wore, we wore. How they wore their hair, we wore ours too. These style icons of the 1980s shaped the way we all dressed and looked while making it look effortless. But where are they now? The likes of Michelle Pfeiffer, Joan Collins, and Goldie Hawn are still going strong in 2016! Check out some of our favorite style icons of the 1980s and what they look like now.Olivia Newton-JohnShe's still looking amazing since her Grease days!Brooke ShieldsHas she even aged? Brooke still looks stunning!MadonnaShe Queen of


Check Out These Totally Rad Clothing Commercials From The 80s!

Getting your style to the 1980's standard take a lot of skill. You apparently need to be able to dance really well while wearing clothes consisting of every bright color known to humankind. These commercials should bring back some memories of the horrors of 80's fashion! Do you remember any of these commercials playing while you watched TV? Did any of them convince into wearing their clothes? Were you "puttin' on your O.P"? Brace yourself, this is going to be a bumpy ride. Puttin' On My O.P was probably stuck in your head a lot wasn't it?Start


Harry Potter Themed Make Up Palettes Will Have You Wanting To Spend All The Galleons

Before you get too excited, they aren't available yet. Disapointing I know, I didn't realize that until it was too late and now I am very sad. But, it's always a possibility right? JK Rowling has given us books, movies, websites, video games, theme parks, trips to Hogwarts, and more, so why couldn't she let us have some beauty products with a magical touch? These palettes were a mock up created by Spellsandstars on Reddit and Harry Potter fans were really disapointed that these weren't available yet.        GiphyThe creator calls it "a different spin on fan-art"