Groovy Secrets From The Set Of Austin Powers You've Been Dying To Know

Austin Powers is the best "International Man Of Mystery" in the world. His ability to fight off Dr. Evil while also making the ladies swoon is unparalleled. These are just the facts. After being cryogenically frozen, travelling through time not once but twice, what is there left for him to do? Well, hopefully a lot. Mike Myers, creator and star of the Austin Powers franchis,e is still open to a fourth installment even though it's been well over a decade since the last movie, but he is waiting for the right idea. He wrote the original as a tribute


What Is The Cast Of 'Married...with Children' Up To Now?

"Love and marriage....." We all remember the theme song to what was hands down one of the best sitcoms ever to air. The Bundys were the polar opposite of all the other sitcom families we'd seen; they were completely dysfunctional, but we knew deep down they loved each other. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the show, but it's also been 20 years since it ended, so let's find out what the cast has been up to since the last episode aired.FoxDavid Garrison - Steve RhoadesFox / IMDBDespite being best known as Steve Rhoades, the Bundys' neighbor and Marcy's


Grease Stars Reunite On Stage, And It Was Electrifying

There are some movies that will just live on forever, and Grease is most definitely in that category. The John Travolta and Olivia Newton John musical about teenagers in the 50s is just the quintessential high school movie and probably will never be topped.Its been nearly 40 years since Grease came out, but the cast is still pretty close. At the DVD release party back in 2002, Olivia Newton John was having performing when she decided to invite her good buddy John Travolta up on stage to sing with her. Clearly they still know all the words to their


The Life Size Sequel Is Happening And Now We Know When

Who remembers the classic Lindsay Lohan and Tyra Banks movie Life Size? You know, the movie where Tyra Banks plays a doll who comes to life? It's kind of like Mannequin but for kids! The movie came out 17 years ago, but now they are making a sequel and Tyra herself will be returning to the big screen. Tyra announced that she was potentially making the sequel a while ago, but now we finally have some confirmation, including some details about the plot! Life Size 2 is set to come out in December 2018 and will be a Christmas movie.


Apparently This Is Who Will Be Playing The Genie And I Don't Know How To Feel About It

There are some characters who are too iconic to ever replace, and Genie in Aladdin feels like one of those characters. Robin Williams took that movie from good to a level of perfection not often achieved by a cartoon. But of course, Williams is no longer with us and because they are making a live action version someone will have to fill in. Currently in the running? Will Smith. Now, who doesn't love Will Smith? He's funny, clever and has been pretty great in everything he has done but do you think he will be able to handle such an


Hang On, Popular Mechanics For Kids Is How Old?!

Growing up in the 90s, especially in Canada, there was one show that was the most important part of your day. Popular Mechanics For Kids was the absolute best way to learn about all the coolest things you could imagine. The show started off with Jay Baruchel and Elisha Cuthbert as the main hosts. They would go on some kind of adventure to a theme park or museum, and then Charlie would come around with his experiment or tip that would make it feel a bit like Mythbusters. The show was educational and would teach kids a lot of little


Can You Remember The Very Best Olsen Twin Movie Series?

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were two of the biggest stars of the 90s, it seemed like they were literally everywhere. They were starring on Full House, they had movies, merchandise and at one point their own line of furniture. But do you remember the greatest movie series they created? The Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley was their collection of amazing little mysteries and each one was an absolute treasure. Their theme song was perhaps one of the greatest 90s themes sung by the twins themselves. There were 11 of the videos made between 1994 and 1997. Each one


Frank Sinatra's Story About One Of Don Rickles' Classic Pranks is A Great Way To Remember Him

The world lost a comedy legend this week with the passing of Don Rickles, one of the funniest (and meanest) voices ever to take the stage. Newspapers across the country have done their best to memorialize this larger-than-life entertainer, but we think that should be left to someone who knew him best: Frank Sinatra.The singer first met Rickles in 1957 and they stayed lifelong friends afterwards. Rickles was famously the only person allowed to joke about Sinatra's fragile ego, and as you can tell from this story he took his job seriously.Throughout their careers these two icons often


Matthew Perry Revealed His All-Time Favorite Chandler Bing Line

If you grew up in the 90s, you know about Friends. You may not like it (because you're weird, I guess) but you definitely know who Chandler Bing is. Could he BE anymore iconic? For years, fans have debated about what Chandler's best line was during the series. In a comedy show, he still managed to be the comedic relief. Regardless of the situation, you knew Chandler was going to crack a joke. These were some of the most iconic lines:Pop SugarImgurPop SugarPop SugarRecently, Matthew Perry gave his opinion on what Chandler's best one-liner of all time is. Honestly,


10 Things You Never Knew About Burt Reynolds

The words "living legend" are thrown around a lot these days, but we say Burt Reynolds definitely qualifies for that description. Reynolds' career has spanned 6 decades and he's still working to this day. By the time he starred in his most famous role, one of the city slickers from Deliverance, he had already been a working actor for 10 years. After that he still had roles in films like Smokey and the Bandit, The Longest Yard and Boogie Nights to look forward to. If you've loved any of those films, you'll be interested in these 10 interesting facts about