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6 Bugs Bunny Moments That Prove He's The Best Character Of All Time

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Bugs Bunny is one of those characters that will forever be a part of our lives. No matter what decade you grew up in, Bugs Bunny was there. He is the constant through all the fads and changes, sitting there confidently with his carrot asking "What's up, Doc?"

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His most classic bits that he did are completely timeless, and no matter when you watch them they are just as enjoyable. These 6 are probably some of the most memorable cartoons you ever watched as a kid!

Long-Haired Hare

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After getting into an argument with an opera singer named Giovanni Jones, Bugs decides he is going to take his retaliation to the next level. He poses as the legendary conductor "Leopold" who takes over the entire orchestra.

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Bugs forces Giovanni to sing in increasingly ridiculous ways, eventually leaving the room with his glove left hanging in the air so he could go get some earmuffs. He returns only to have Giovanni sing so loudly that the entire building collapses around him. This is why you don't mess with Bugs Bunny...

Hair Raising Hair / Water, Water Every Hare

You know, being around a monster made out of hair is no ones goal, but when it happens I guess it's good that it was entertaining!

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Whether he was chasing bugs around, or getting a makeover, that hairy monster was pretty adorable.

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Bully For Bugs

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There aren't a lot of characters that can stand up to Bugs. He is super crafty and amazingly clever, so even when he is against a giant raging bull he still manages to come out on top.

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I don't know if slapping a bull in the face is really your best bet, but luckily Bugs gets away no problem!

There are even more amazing moments that we all loved...

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