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16 Snacks From The 90s You Probably Forgot About

When 90s kids think back on their childhoods, there are some snacks that we always immediately remember: Fruit By The Foot, Dunkaroos, Fruit Gushers, and Nerds are foods we all remember loving. Some snacks, however, just weren’t as iconic, even though we loved them just as much. They were destined to be forgotten almost as soon as stores stopped carrying them. Lucky for us, the Internet never forgets.

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1) Turtle Pies

Basically everything in the early 90s was somehow related to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so it makes sense that you might forget some of the seemingly thousands of snack food tie-ins to TMNT. They may have looked a little weird, but they were basically giant green poptarts full of pudding, so how could that be a bad thing?

2) Flaming Hot Doritos

When people think of Doritos from the 90s they wish would make a comeback, most think of Doritos 3D, but Flamin’ Hot Doritos were the real MVP. Sure, there are other “spicy” Doritos that you can get now, but nothing can compare to that sweet sweet spicy burn. You can keep your Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, it was all about these Doritos.


3) Yoplait Trix Yogurt

Yogurt and delicious cereal combined, what could be better?

4) Fruit String Things

We all remember Fruit Roll-ups and Fruit By The Foot, but these were just the best. Slowly unraveling the design was just so satisfying. They were as fun to play with as they were tasty

5) Sodalicious

Why have fruit snacks when you could have what kids really wanted, soda! Out of all the candy no longer with us, this is the one that we miss the most. Also the play on words in their name is just too perfect.

6) Melody Pops

Exactly what every parent wanted, sugar to hype up the kids, and something they could use to make a loud irritating noise. We didn’t care, but I’m sure our parents hated them.

7) Bubble Beeper

Beepers were all the rage in the 90s, but unless your parents were super rich, there was no way you had one. Lucky for us, we had Bubble Beeper gum, which came in a convenient beeper-esque plastic container that you could clip to your pants and pretend was real. In some places, this apparently caused a lot of controversy among parents, since beepers were also known to be carried by drug dealers.

8) Go Snacks

One of many delicious 90s snacks that includes the word "Go" in it's name (see also: Go-Gurt, Go-Tarts), Go Snacks were a fancier (or lazier) way of eating your favorite chips. They were really just bite-sized versions of Lays, Cheetos and, obviously, Doritos 3D's, stuffed in an easy-to-hold plastic container. While we were meant to use the lid as a tiny bowl, we just dumped them straight into our mouths because of course we did. Added bonus: no Cheetos dust to stain your fingers for the rest of eternity.

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9) Spice Girls Fantasy Ball Lollipop

The 90s just wouldn't be the 90s without the Spice Girls and they were everywhere. Candy company Chupa Chups clearly understood just how much kids loved the girl power pop stars, as they partnered up in 1997 to release a line of official Spice Girls candy. The most important of these candy options was the Fantasy Ball Lollipop, which not only came with a rad collectible Spice Girls sticker, but also featured a tiny printed image of one of the girls right on the lollipop. You could also get Spice Girls Crazy Dip and giant Spice Girls tins that were filled with their favorite flavors, just in case you wanted even more ways to "Spice up your life."

10) Reptar Crunch

Another staple of 90s childhood was breakfast cereal. What else were we going to eat while watching our Saturday morning cartoons? To help market a straight-to-video Rugrats movie, Post released the colorful cereal that had tiny dinosaur-shaped rice puffs. Reptar Crunch vanished almost as quickly as it appeared in 1999.

11) Nestlé Magic Ball

These were honestly the best of both worlds, You got a massive sphere of chocolate, and inside was a collectible Disney figure. Then parents realized that putting something small and plastic inside candy their kids were like going to just shove in their mouths might not be the safest idea, and Nestlé pulled the candy from the shelves. It did make a comeback in 2000 as "Wonder Ball" inly instead of a toy it was filled with candy, which let's be real, just isn't the same.

12) Mickey's Parade Ice Pops

Mickey's Parade Ice Pops were part of a Disney-themed line of frozen treats Good Humor released in the 90s. They were basically just popsicles shaped like Mickey and his friends, but we all know everything tastes better if it's a fun shape. They didn't last long since Good Humor lost the rights to use the Disney characters' likenesses, but you can still get similar popsicles if you happen to be at Disneyland or Disney World.

13) Life Savers Holes

Between these and M&M Minis, it seems that making a smaller version of a popular candy was the go-to marketing hack for candy companies in the '90s. With Life Savers Holes, however, it seems like more people remember the ads than the actual candies, which makes perfect sense when you find out the ad was made by Pixar (yes, that Pixar).

14) Nestlé Quik Bar

If you were a kid who loved chocolate milk, chances are Nestlé Quik was your fix of choice. There was nothing better than popping open that tin and loading up a glass of milk with as much powder as humanly possible. If you didn't have any milk handy, you could always just have a Nestlé Quik bar, which was a chewy, taffy-like chocolate milk flavored bar. It wasn't quite as refreshing as chocolate milk, but it would do in a pinch.

15) Pop Tarts Crunch

If there's one breakfast food kids love more than cereal, it's Pop Tarts. For a time in the '90s, Kellogg's made it so that kids wouldn't have to make the Sophie's choice of which to have by releasing Pop Tarts Crunch cereal in 1994. It was available in two flavors, strawberry and brown sugar cinnamon, and was basically just tiny Pop Tarts. Unfortunately it didn't last very long and was discontinued in 1995. Likely because while kids would certainly be all about that life, parents weren't going to be huge fans of the massive amount of sugar the cereal contained. Unless they decide to bring it back, we'll just have to eat our Pop Tarts the old fashioned way: fresh out of the toaster.

16) Nestlé Bug Pops

Here are three things that '90 kids love in one: popsicles, gummy bugs, and the Lion King. While Nestlé's Cool Creations line had a bunch of Disney-themed treats, Bug Pops were definitely both the coolest and the weirdest. But you just can't say no to Timon and Pumba.

We were lucky to have so many awesome snacks growing up!