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15 Things We Had Before "Fidget Spinners" Were A Thing

When we were kids, we didn't have all these fidget spinners to flip around in our hands, but that doesn't mean that we didn't have something to play with! We had to keep our hands busy somehow and our ways were obviously the best.

We had a bunch of different things to play with, each of them just as ridiculous as the ones they make now! I mean, some of these didn't even really do anything but we still collected them like crazy! How many do you remember?

1. Crazy Bones

These were essentially just plastic little figures that you would collect I guess? They were based on an ancient Greek game called Knucklebones (because they used sheep's knuckles) which was kind of similar to Jacks. Most of us didn't really play the game with them but for some reason we all collected them.

2. Pogs

A lot like the Crazy Bones, these were just little pieces of cardboard cut into circles. You would have "battles" and hopefully get more.

3. Tech Deck Finger Skateboards

Well what's cooler than skateboarding? How about skateboarding with your fingers! So cool, so fun, so thrilling.

4. Cootie Catchers

I mean, we had to make the stuff we wanted to fidget with so obviously it was better right? A piece of paper telling you your fortune is bound to be accurate.

5. Tamagotchi

We each had a special little pet who would need to be fed and played with all in a little egg shaped device. I think pretty much every teacher hated them because we would all have them in class and never pay attention.

6. Slap Bracelets

Kids love these but really the noise is pretty irritating. Hearing them slap over and over again isn't the most fun, but we all did it!

7. Bead Lizards

We all worked so hard to make these and what did we do when we were done? Stick them to our backpacks of course!

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8. Beyblades

Kids would fidget with these all day if they were allowed but they got banned in a lot of schools.

9. Silly Bandz

These were essentially elastic bands that were in the shapes of animals that kids wore on their wrists like a bracelet. Because it was SUPER stylish right?

10. Paper Footballs

These ones a classic that went through the generations but do kids today know about them? Who knows! But these were the best thing to do in the back of the classroom when the teacher wasn't looking.

11. Yo-Yo

Everyone had to learn how to "Walk the dog" or the "Elevator" otherwise what was the point of recess!?

12. Garbage Pail Kids Cards

Everyone needed to have a Garbage Pail Kids collection if they wanted to prove they were really in on the unique stuff!

13. Rubiks Cube

These were probably the original Fidget spinners but they required a bit more skill. It took a lot of effort to figure those out and those who could were pretty awesome.

14. Hacky Sack

They were pretty awesome if you were good at them. They were also basically a stress ball to play with during class.

15. Paper Boats/Paper Hats

Folding up the little boats was always the best and then after you learned to fold them properly you could race them against your classmates in the puddles during recess!

All of these things were pretty ridiculous but we loved them just as much as kids today love fidget spinners.

Which were you addicted to as a kid? Share in the comments what you used to play with all the time, especially if it's not on the list.