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15 Dogs From Your Childhood That You Wished You Could Have

Dogs are probably the most common item on a Christmas wish list, a birthday wish list or the constant question that parents hear daily. "Can we get a dog?" How many of you asked your mom or dad this question daily? We always claimed we would do all the work and that they would be super good dogs because look at the ones on TV, they were so great!

Those of us who loved dogs would watch all the movies and TV shows that had them and didn't understand that they were highly trained. Sometimes we would even use cartoon dogs as examples... We did our best with what we had.

Who was your favorite dog in the 90s? We all had one, see if yours is on the list!


He was big, he was clumsy, and he made a huge mess everywhere he went. But he was always a big huggable, lovable goofball who just wanted his family to be happy. He was a very good boy.

Santa's Little Helper - The Simpsons

He was kind of a trouble maker, but that doesn't matter. He was also super funny and you have to admit that the episode where he ends up having puppies is one of the best.

Comet - Full House

He went from puppy to full grown in roughly three episodes. It makes sense though, training a puppy is not the easiest thing to do! He was a lovely dog who was often missing from scenes for many episodes but when he appeared it made it seem like their dog was just the best behaved animal in all the world.

Eddie - Frasier

He was such a very good boy. Sure, Frasier found him annoying, but there was no reason for it. He was such a good little man who had a lot of fans.

Charlie - All Dogs Go To Heaven

He proved that even a "bad dog" could become good! You just need to give him the right kind of love and attention!

Buddy - Air Bud

He was a dog who could play basketball?! Need I say more?

Pongo and Perdita - 101 Dalmations

Whether it's the live action version or the cartoon, these two perfect pooches are the most wonderfully intelligent creatures around. They are probably the world's cutest dog couple and definitely very good dog parents. They go after their babies and help keep them all safe, including a bunch of other babies who they didn't have to be responsible for. Amazing.

There are more good dogs where that came from! Check out the next page for the rest of the dogs that inspired you to harass your parents everyday!

Snoopy - Charlie Brown

So maybe he was a little self involved, but some people like to have a dog who is a little more aloof. He had his own friends and kept himself busy which is always a plus!

Scooby Doo

Okay, so maybe he was constantly in situations you didn't want to find yourself in, but you have to admit he handled them with a comedic presence that was unmatched!

Astro - The Jetsons

What kind of dog was he supposed to be? He was literally taller than the whole family when he was sitting down...

Pete the Pup - The Little Rascals

He had such adorable markings and took very good care of that enormous fleet of small children.


What's the story Wishbone! He was such a good little actor, telling us all about the classics we didn't realize had nothing to do with an adorable Jack Russell Terrier.

Otis - Milo and Otis

See, dogs and cats can be friends! Your parents can't use that as an excuse anymore because TV proved it would work out just find.

Chance and Shadow - Homeward Bound

There are no better dogs. I mean, yes of course Chance had his issues, but he was just a puppy! Shadow is the world's best dog. All dogs are the world's best dogs, but Shadow is on a whole new level.

Bonus - Dino - The Flintstones

I get it, not technically a dog, but I think we can all pretend like he counts right?

Instead of getting a real dog, all of our parents just gave us one of these instead:

There are an endless number of amazing dogs and other pets from our childhood favorites that really help prove that dogs are the best thing on this planet. Which dog did you want when you were little?

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