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13 Of The Most Important Games You Absolutely Played During Recess

There was no time more sacred than recess. I mean, it was so important they made a TV called Recess. But it wasn't just that we wanted a break from all those long division problems and spelling tests, we had important things to do!

We all treasured recess as kids but what made it so special? The games obviously! We had to find ways to keep busy before cellphones were a thing! Whether it was using the play structures, jumping rope, or playing tag, there are so many games we played at recess that almost make you wish you could implement some outdoor play time at work!

1. Red Rover

This game got aggressive quick. Running full tilt at a chain of humans attempting to clothesline you may not sound like fun, but it actually was a pretty good time. Our parents played it before us, and hopefully kids still play it now. Total classic!

2. Kick the Can

Sometimes you could switch out the can for a ball, but it was always so stressful if you were "it". Having to try and find people while they go after your "can" is a lot of pressure.

3. What Time Is Is Mr. Wolf

Not sure what was worse, having to be the wolf and having to estimate where your friends were, or the nerves that come with getting so close to them that they could turn around and reach you without moving.

4. Pogs

It was just so important to get the best Slammer you could because it was exactly how you were going to get the most impressive Pog collection on the playground!

5. Tetherball

What a fun game... You smack a ball until it gets tangled enough and then you go again! Right? That's all there was to it I think. Maybe I never understood the rules properly but it was fun anyways.

There are more games that you definitely played as a kid on the next page! See if your favorite made the list and vote for which is the best!

6. Hand clapping games

Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack! All dressed in black, black black! With silver buttons, buttons, buttons! All down her back, back, back! Who remembers that one? There were so many of these to memorize and learn the complex hand choreography but somehow we managed.

7. Cat's Cradle

These had a huge surge of popularity for a while, everyone was trying to get through all the sequences. I could never coordinate myself after the first few, but some people were pretty good at these!

8. Jump Rope/Double Dutch

Every school had their own favorite games, but there was always some kind of jump rope going on. Everyone was hopping around, singing some weird little songs, and doing their best not to trip and fall.

9. Freeze tag, shadow tag, really just any type of tag

No matter what kind of tag you want to play, all of them were solid choices.

10. Capture the flag

The best way to get kids to actually accomplish teamwork is by making them play this game.

11. Pokemon Cards

We all had trading cards, or at the very least wished we did, so we would spend all of our recesses battling to see who would come out on top. At the very least you would spend your recess trying to sort out your binder.

12. Checking on our Tamagotchi

Had to try and make sure that it was fed and happy before the teacher would force you to put it away!

13. Any kind of play structure was obviously the best

They aren't really the same as they used to be! Monkey bars were obviously the best.

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