12 Weird Rules Josh Duggar Makes His Wife Follow

As we know the Duggar family has a strict guideline about what they expect from their family members. After all, both Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have set out clear expectations for their children.

While the family believes that their are transparent when it comes to their views and how the world should work, the set of "family rules" they have can seem questionable to anyone that is not within their community.

According to the family, they are not permitted to engaged in any form of affection before they're married, cannot dance, drink or disobey your husband. Divorce is out of the question, even if one partner has done something horribly wrong.

If one person knows these rules all too well, it's Anna Duggar, Josh Duggar's wife. After the dust settled from his multiple scandals that came to light back in 2015, people were surprised that Anna didn't take the children and leave him. Not only did she have to stay, but Josh and Anna had another child when he came back home from rehab.

Her commitment to the family is has been tested, especially after you learn the length of control Josh has over his family and his wife.

Divorce Is Not An Option

It doesn't matter how many times your husband has done you wrong by cheating, embarrassing and humiliating you, leaving is not an option in the Duggar household. A Duggar wife knows that once she has said her vows and committed to her husband, it's for life.

A source to the family said,“Divorce is not even something that will be discussed.”

Even after Josh Duggar was caught cheating on his wife using his Ashley Madison account, Anna must stick by him and their family.

Be Ready To "Perform" When Your Husband Wants It

There's no such thing as a "headache" or not in the mood in the Josh and Anna relationship. As the wife of Josh Duggar, you have to be ready to satisfy your husband when the mood strikes him, whether you're in the mood or not.

The Duggars believe that a woman needs to make herself available at any given moment.

“Anyone can fix him lunch, but only one person can meet that physical need of love that he has, and you always need to be available when he calls,” Michelle Duggar said.

The Richest

Cannot Hang Out With Unwed Mothers

Josh has the authority to choose who Anna befriends and spends time with beyond their family, and that cannot include any unwed mothers.

There was even an instance where Michelle and Jim Bob refused to let their daughter Jill help Susanna Keller, Anna's sister. That's because the parents didn't want to expose Jill to an unwed mother in that condition. Anna and her sister are very close, so does that mean she can't hang out with her own siblings?

Josh Controls The Money

Everyone knows that the Duggars are a frugal family, especially since they have many mouths to feed with only Josh working. They live on such a tight budget that they offer nothing more than a few pennies to the children when they complete their chore.

Whenever Anna wants to buy something she has to ask her husband's permission as if she was a child, not his wife.

Not Allowed To Wear Pants

For the sake of modesty, you will notice that the female members of the Duggar family don't wear pants. Often they are pictured wearing long denim skirts. It's a Duggar family rule that dates back long before Michelle even started having children. It's also a rule that he insists Anna abide by.

In contrast, there are no rules and restrictions as to what the male Duggar family members can wear.

The Beach Is Off-Limits

It doesn't matter how hot it is, the Duggars are banned from the beach. It's not just the wearing a bikini in public that has the family stay away from the common summer escape, it's the fact that the guys have a hard time staying focused.

“It’s just too hard for the guys to try and keep their eyes averted,” according to Michelle.

So if Anna wants to get a little Vitamin D from the sun, she has no choice but to sit in her backyard.

No Talking To Men

This one seems obvious, but rules are rules. Duggar women are only allowed to have two men in their lives, their father and their husband. The women are not allowed to have relationships with any other male, or text the opposite sex.

According to the Duggars, temptation is everywhere, so they are expected to stay away from men all together. This is probably part of the reason why Duggar women don't work outside of the home.

Dancing Is Not Allowed

Under no circumstance is a Duggar allowed to dance. It doesn't matter if your song comes on the radio at home, you cannot bust a move no matter the circumstance. This is because Michelle believes that dancing can evoke sensual feelings that don't line up with the family's conservative beliefs.

This means no living room dance parties for the kids, no dancing with your partner or getting your groove on as you sweep the floor.

Kids Can't Play Co-Ed Games

While this rule seems kind of weird, it can be understood especially with Josh Duggar's history with his sisters when he was a teen. Michelle instituted the rule that they kids are not allowed to play co-ed hide and seek.

No Co-Ed Babysitting

Just like co-ed hide and seek, co-ed babysitting is forbidden as well. Both Michelle and Jim Bob have forbidden the family from babysitting kids of the opposite sex. That means only older Duggar boys can watch the younger males and older female Duggars can watch the girls.

No Television

Netflix and chill is not a thing in the Duggar house. In spite of being reality stars themselves, the Duggar family is not allowed to watch television. The reason is because the Duggars want to block their children from outside influences.

Josh Controls Her Social Media

As we know, the Duggars are not allowed to have their own social media accounts until after they get married. Then the control shifts from the parents to their husband, which means Josh controls Anna's social media accounts.