Gotta Catch 'Em All...And Now You Can In Real Life (Kinda)

After Pokémon Red and Blue were released in 1996, it became every 90s kid's dream to be a real-life PokéMaster. Thanks to the wonders of technology, we are now one step closer to living that dream. On July 6, Niantic and Nintendo released Pokémon Go, a free-to-play augmented-reality app that lets you catch, train, battle, and trade Pokémon that appear (on your phone) out in the real world. Understandably, everyone is losing their minds.


It's only been available for a couple days, but players have already delivered some Internet comedy gold thanks to the game. On the day of it's release, police in Australia's Northern Territory sent out this reminder


Or my personal favorite, this guy who managed to catch a Pidgey, while his wife was in labor

Meanwhile, someone else playing in a hospital got a Gastly surprise in his own bed.

Pokémon Go has already had an effect on the lives of its players. In his post to Reddit, the user UnityTreeofSavior recounted how playing the game led to him getting a date with a fellow player


It's even encouraging people to get more exercise.


Not all the effects have been positive, however. If you're making the risky choice to play the game at work, be warned, you could end up like this guy.




The game is currently available for both iOS and Android in the United States, Australia, and Japan, with plans to roll out the game in other locations soon. If you don't live in those countries, and are desperate to play ASAP, you can always DIY it, like one guy did on Snapchat.

Remember to stay safe out there, kids. Now if you'll excuse me, there's a Pikachu out there with my name on it.

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