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You Can Bring Lisa Frank Back Into Your Life, And It's Absolutely Amazing

Pretty much every 80s and 90s kid remembers Lisa Frank. Her colorful collection of school supplies and stickers brightened up our childhoods and really taught us that the best combination of colors, is ALL THE COLORS.

Well, the Lisa Frank makeup collection is coming really soon and people are getting excited. Their brushes are covered in unicorns and even though we haven't seen the full collection yet you know it's going to be awesome.

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak at one of the brushes and it is absolutely awesome. It's everything your 12-year-old self dreamed it would be. There are unicorns all over the handle and the brush itself is incredibly soft.

Thanks @lisa_frank and @glamourdollsmakeup for the new brush (and mood ring!) #freestuffbeststuff

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It's going to be perfect for your blush, bronzer, or highlighter and I promise you will love it.

Because there was so much interest in the makeup collection they decided to open up an online store so people could preorder the products! So even though you missed Kickstarter you can still order up all the products from the collection!

The designs aren't finalized yet but the descriptions and initial looks already look amazing. I know I already have a long list of things I want to get.

Will you be placing an order?

Thanks to Lisa Frank and Glamour Dolls Makeup for letting us get a look at these awesome brushes!

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