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Who Remembers The Outrageous And Insane Plot Of This Amazing Movie?

The 80s made some of the best movies ever. Are they cheesy? Sure. Are they goofy? Of course. But are they amazing in every possible way? Absolutely. The romantic comedies of the 80s were just so wonderfully ridiculous with the most outrageous plots and I love them for it.

Overboard was a fantastic movie starring none other than Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Now, the premise was a bit unusual but try to follow along.

Goldie Hawn plays a rich woman who is rude to contractor, Kurt Russell, and refuses to pay him. She is unbelievably privileged, I mean, she yells at her butler for bad caviar. She is essentially the definition of  "champagne taste". But, later that night she falls off her boat, aka overboard, and ends up getting picked up by fishermen. She has no idea who she is and is brought to a hospital where she is diagnosed with amnesia.

Her husband, Edward Herman, goes to pick her up but he really just hates her so he changes his mind and leaves her there.

Kurt Russell sees the news report of her at the hospital and makes the decision to go get her and treat her poorly to make up for how she treated him. He pretends to be her husband and brings her home to his four boys in their cramped and messy house and puts her through some really horrible experiences.

Got it? That's a pretty messed up situation right? He was essentially holding her hostage and she didn't know it. Eventually her husband comes to pick her up and she remembers her whole life and is disgusted by the man she grew to love. It's a whole complicated set of emotions for her. She's changed, I mean, now she drinks beer! Shocking!

The whole movie is kind of a look into the differences between rich people and the not-so-rich people. She has never had to do anything herself but with some hard work she is able to figure it all out.

The movie came out thirty years ago, and now they are apparently doing a remake. I don't know why they would bother, the original is perfect just the way it is. Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbrez will be staring in the adaption of the original movie, and they'll be doing a role-reversal where Anna Faris is a single mom who convinces the "rich-playboy" Derbrez he is her husband.

The original will forever be one of my favorite movies, and Goldie Hawn will always be one of the fiercest most fashionable ladies of the eighties. Those outfits were something else! Movies today just can't hold a candle to a good 80s movie!

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