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Remember Your First Friend, Myspace Tom? Here's What He's Up To These Days

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Before we wasted every free second of our lives on Facebook (kind of like you're doing right now) we were obsessively tinkering with our Myspace profile page.

If you made it into Princess Kimberly's Top 8, you earned a guest spot on her reality show.Myspace

Say what you will about Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, or any other social media platform. They just don't measure up to the hours we spent answering surveys and watching Dane Cook videos on Myspace. And of course, Myspace had a secret weapon that made it much friendlier than any other site: Tom Anderson.

Years later, this picture is still seared into our brains.Myspace

"Myspace Tom," as we remember him today, was one website's original founders. A lifelong computer geek, Tom's home was famously raided by the FBI after he hacked into the Chase Manhattan Bank security system.

Tom didn't serve any time for reenacting WarGames from his bedroom, because like Matthew Broderick's character in the movie he was just 14 when he pulled off the hack. Tom even had a cool hacker name (Lord Flathead) but he stayed on the straight-and-narrow after his first big run-in with the law.

Tom during his time at Myspace, without his iconic white t-shirt.Barbara Polits / YouTube

Afterwards, Tom led an eclectic life. He studied English, Rhetoric, and Film, was the frontman for a band called Swank, and spent time living in Taiwan. When he returned to America, he worked his way up through a number of tech companies before creating Myspace in 2003. The website quickly stood out as a strong competitor for Friendster, because it was faster and more customizable.

But of course you already knew all that - he's your good friend after all - but what has Myspace Tom been doing since we all left the site years ago?

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