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What Is The Cast Of 'Married...with Children' Up To Now?

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"Love and marriage....." We all remember the theme song to what was hands down one of the best sitcoms ever to air. The Bundys were the polar opposite of all the other sitcom families we'd seen; they were completely dysfunctional, but we knew deep down they loved each other. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the show, but it's also been 20 years since it ended, so let's find out what the cast has been up to since the last episode aired.


David Garrison - Steve Rhoades

Fox / IMDB

Despite being best known as Steve Rhoades, the Bundys' neighbor and Marcy's first husband, David Garrison is primarily a theater actor, notably having played The Wizard in many tours of the musical Wicked. He reportedly left the show after the fourth season in order to focus on his career on Broadway, however he has had recurring roles on shows after Married...with Children, like Working It Out, The Practice, The West Wing, and Law & Order.

He has also appeared in episodes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Everybody Loves Raymond, NYPD Blue, The Good Wife, and 30 Rock. Most recently he appeared in an episode of Madame Secretary in 2016.

Ted McGinley - Jefferson D'Arcy

Fox / IMDB

Ted McGinley is a face you probably recognize, even if you didn't remember his name. Since appearing on Happy Days starting in 1980, he has had roles on many of TV's biggest shows. Before getting cast as Jefferson D'Arcy on Married...with Children, he also was featured in five seasons of The Love Boat and two seasons Dynasty.

Since Married...With Children ended, he has appeared in episodes of The West Wing, The Practice, Psych, The Mentalist, Mad Men, Castle, and many others. In fact, his frequent appearances in TV shows shortly before their cancellation has led some to believe that he is cursed. He also appeared on season 7 of Dancing With The Stars, however he was eliminated after only two episodes.

Amanda Bearse - Marcy Rhoades/D'Arcy

Fox / IMDB

Best known as the Bundys' neighbor Marcy Rhoades (later Marcy D'Arcy), Bearse has spent more time behind the camera since the show ended. She directed episodes of shows like Reba, Mad TV, Dharma & Greg, and more.

She more recently appeared in two episodes of the show Drop Dead Diva, and in 2017 she will be in the movie Sky Sharks, about flying sharks that are ridden by Nazi zombies. Yes you read that correctly.

David Faustino - Bud Bundy

Fox / IMDB

Faustino's role as Bud Bundy was his big acting break, though he previously had small roles on shows like Little House on the Prairie and St. Elsewhere. After the show ended he frequently made small appearances on various TV shows, including Mad TV and The New Addams Family. He also reprised his role as Bud in both Parker Lewis Can't Lose and Top of the Heap.

In 2009 he wrote, produced, directed, and starred in a web series on Crackle called Star-ving, which included appearances by his former co-stars Ed O'Neill and Katey Sagal. More recently, he voiced the character of Mako on The Legend of Korra and appeared as a fictional version of himself of the TV show Bones.

But what has his on-screen sister been up to since the show ended?

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