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The MadTV cast says "Look What I Can Do" At Their Futures

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Mad TV was without a doubt one of the greatest sketch comedies on television, with its hilarious jokes, biting political remarks, and zany characters. It really was the all-star cast that kept us tuning back in every week hoping to once again laugh ourselves into a coma.

The show first aired over 20 years ago, with more than 58 cast members featured throughout its 14 season lifespan.

Let's take a look at what happened after the final curtain dropped on this forward-thinking comedy series from the 90s!

It's Mad TV!

Jordan Peele

Jordan Peele (and his co-star and friend Keegan Micheal Key) is the shining example of a successful comedy career taking off. Since his time on Mad TV he has starred in several comedy sketch shows including Key & Peele, the widely popular show he organized with his former co-star.

He now has a directing credit to his name with the supernatural horror film Get Out, and now confirmed as the producer for a reboot of The Twilight Zone.

Nicole Parker

Following her time on the show, Nicole Parker went to perform on Broadway and was nominated for a number of awards for her work with a variety of musicals, including Wicked, where she played in a starring role as 'Glinda the Good Witch'.

She continues to guest perform in improvisational comedy show, The Groundlings, based in Hollywood.

Michael McDonald

McDonald had so many famous roles on Mad TV it's hard to narrow down exactly which one he is known better for.

The accomplished comedian has had a long history in stand-up, a variety of TV shows and movies. Most notably he has written and directed many episodes of Cougar Town and acted in features such as House of Lies and the new Ghostbusters!

He has also taken up other industry roles, and directed several episodes of the hit drama, Scrubs.

Bobby Lee

Another incredible actor on the show, particularly known for his over-the-top impersonations, his ability to keep a straight face in scenes was a big reason why we all loved watching his skits!

Lee stayed with the show right up until it was cancelled, and returned for the renewal in 2016. He has been credited with many movie roles such as Harold and Kumar, Pineapple Express, Chelsea Lately, The Dictator, and the Netflix series, Love.

You won't believe how far these next few cast members have come, some of them have faced real struggles...

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