90s Kids, Do You Remember These Weird Toy Commercials?

You want a doll that can pee? The 90s had it. A game about killing off people to inherit a fortune? The 90s had it. What about a truck with teeth that could "slime" your other cars? The 90s once again had it. Toy commercials are one of the greatest things that any kid had to look forward to, but looking back now they feel a little weird. For example, why was it so easy to find a doll that could pee in the 90s? Was that really such a hot commodity? Let's take a look at some of the weirdest 90s toy commercials we found!

So many Peeing Dolls?

The interesting thing is that all the kids who are playing with these dolls should definitely already be potty trained. So it isn't to help kids understand the concept of peeing in a toilet because they should already have that down. Was it really that fun to teach an inanimate object to use a toilet? I am trying to remember if I owned any of these but the fact that Baby Alive can chew is distracting me.

Slime-Inator Hot Wheels is the toy no parent wants

Who is going to clean that mess up after? And how many times can you use that slime? Do you have to scrape it back into the container after or just buy new slime? This is the gift you buy people you hate.

Trouble is the game for kids who want to make their friends sad.

Nothing like sending your friends back to start to build a strong competitive attitude.

Baby All Gone...but where does it go?

So the kid eats the snack but then where does it go? Maybe I don't want to know.

G.I. Joe Sgt Savage is a great role model

Complete with full length video adventure on VHS! Sign me up!

Nothing like a game of murder to liven up the evening!

This was one of my favorite games when I was little but it took FOREVER to set up. We always took apart fully each time because we had no where to keep it out so you had to really want to play because the set up alone was a solid ten minutes.

Your very own Bride-zilla

Because nothing sounds as fun as having a doll the size of a six year old standing in your room. That would have scared the life out of me. It still kind of does.


Light and sound power pack for real battle action! That's so impressive.

This song still pops into my head way too often

Why? It's a mystery.

A doll that uses the bathroom wasn't enough, we also needed one that sneezes

The 90s had every bodily function covered.

Dino Damage!

How many people would go on to lose the piece of plastic that would cover the ribs? I am guessing about 99%.Do

Doctors in training

Do you think there are any people who cite this game as their first inspiration in becoming a doctor? Probably not, but maybe there is at least one...

Cabbage Patch Kids were on everyone's Christmas list

How many did you have? I had at least two and of course you had to keep their birth certificates some where safe! The made so many varieties of these dolls, some with hair you could style, some that apparently could pose as mentioned in the commercial above but I think anyone who ever owned a cabbage patch knows the one thing that made them unique: The smell. Cabbage Patch Dolls all had this baby powder-type scent that seems to never leave them no matter how many decades pass.

And they blamed video games for violence?

Punch your friends! It's fun! Good job the 90s.

Another complicated set up game

I never played this game but the set up looked like a lot.

You don't know pain until you get a Skip-It to the ankle

These kids look so happy, obviously none of them got too close to some one while the whipped around this solid plastic object that is at the perfect level to crush the bones in your ankle. Maybe it was just me being clumsy, but these usually ended up more painful than fun.

Everyone's first pet

You either had a Tamagotchi or one of the knock off brand versions (I had a Dinky Dino) and you cared for that thing as if it were real. I believe they even were banned from schools for a while because kids were too busy feeding their electronic pets instead of learning what the order of the planets was.

Princess training starts young

Materialism at its finest. To win the game you had to be in possession of the fancy ring I believe.

Concepts for board games were really weird.

I don't think anyone has ever actually worn a night cap to bed. At least not by the 1990s. I don't know why that was my only thought about this video.


Which toy was your favorite in the 90s? Did we miss something hilarious? Share your favorite commercials in the comments!

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