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We Miss Adam West, But We'll Get To See Him As Batman One Last Time

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The passing of Adam West was truly heartbreaking. The work he did in his long career meant a lot to so many of us, and honestly we wish he could live forever. However, even though he may not be around, his legacy is continuing on.

Adam West is probably best known for his portrayal as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the wonderfully campy television show simply titled Batman. Three seasons of the show aired and they also made on feature length film which is still beloved to this day.


West's portrayal of Batman has been such a fan-favorite that they decided to bring him back. Last year, they decided to create an animated version called Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders which was well received.

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The film included Julie Newmar back in her catsuit as Catwoman, Adam West as Batman and even Burt Ward back as the Boy Wonder!

Warner Bros.

A sequel was made but unfortunately West passed away before he could see it completed. However, the new film is now done and the trailer is out for us all to enjoy his continuing legacy.

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