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Warwick Davis Has Some Feelings About A Potential Willow Sequel

The movie Willow is one of those cult classics that stands up through time. The movie came out a very long time ago, but that hasn't stopped people from trying to bring it back. Even Warwick Davis himself has had to speak up about it because people won't stop asking him. Everyone wants to know how he would feel about a remake, how he would feel about a sequel and if there is any chance at all that it would come back.

Well, it turns out there is some hope after all! When asked if he thinks a remake would be a good choice he said that "I think it's probably best left alone. But I don't think a sequel would be out of the question."

He hints that there have been discussions among the cast saying that "Val Kilmer and I, we’ve talked about it, we’ve actually talked about it quite a bit. He would very much like to do it as well. It’s about, is there more story, and I think there is. Did Willow become a sorcerer? He was fairly good at it but he wasn’t brilliant. And what became of Elora Danan when she grew up? There are few question marks that remain, and the world has been created, we have the characters, we know the environment, all of that is fabulous. To revisit, I’d enjoy it immensely.”

He mentions that because Disney acquired Lucasfilm, there is the chance that it could be done. "They often look back at work they’ve done and like to reimagine it, and they’ve been very successful... So [maybe] a reimagining, but I think a sequel would be much better — because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to play Willow!"

Willow was the first time Warwick Davis got to play a big part in a movie where you could actually see his face. Most of his other roles he had he was in costume or under a lot of prosthetic makeup. Luckily, he has have some ideas for what he thinks the movie should be.

"It would focus on Elora Danan and how’s she’s ruling the kingdom at that point. Bavmorda probably would have found some way to get back from the nether world and would start to wreak havoc on the land once again in a much more powerful way. Willow, I don’t think he would be an accomplished sorcerer at this stage, but during the course of the story I think he would become much better. Madmartigan — I’m not sure what Val would be up to. Probably, the fact that he dressed as a woman in the first film, I think he becomes quite fond of doing that and spends most of the time dressed as a woman in this one. There you have it. If Disney’s reading this then I’m sure they’ll want to write that script straight away."

There are rumors that Ron Howard is currently writing a script. Who knows if it will actually happen, but it would be pretty cool! Based on the rumors, Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley and Warwick Davis are all up for the sequel.

Would you watch a Willow sequel? Let us know in the comments!

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