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Jean-Claude Van Damme Got In A Fight With The Green Power Ranger Because It's 2017 And This Is Just What Happens Now

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In a match-up that can only be described as every violence-loving 90s kid's dream come true, fists have begun flying between an action star and a Power Ranger.

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A little backstory first. For starters, any connoisseur of cheesy action films almost definitely knows who Jean-Claude Van Damme is. The man famously called "The Muscles From Brussels" has never quite hit the cinematic big-time as some of his peers like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone, but he's built a pretty respectable following thanks to awesome movies like Bloodsport and Kickboxer.


Jason David Frank, on the other hand, is a name that not everybody might recognize. An avid martial artist, he came into the lives of 90s kids everywhere when he joined the cast of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as Tommy Oliver, AKA The Green Ranger. He stuck around on the show for several seasons, and aside from a few other small acting roles, has established a solid career for himself as a professional MMA fighter.


So, you might naturally be asking, what kind of problem do these two have with each other? Well it turns out it's a feud that's been going on for decades now, and it finally came to a head this past week...

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