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12 Facts About 'Tron' That Will Make You Wish You Could Go Inside Your Computer

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An absolute cult-classic that never got the love it deserved, Tron was an absolutely revolutionary movie for both Disney and the film industry as a whole, thanks to its pioneering of computer graphics being used in movies. While audiences didn't respond well when it came out, we all love it these days, and some of these facts will make you love it even more.

It was denied an Oscar nomination because of its effects.

The Academy viewed the use of computers as "cheating" in 1982. Oh how times have changed...

Jeff Bridges was really into video games while filming.

Disney had set up real arcade machines on the set so the actors could stay immersed in the world of the film. Bridges was apparently by far the best at them, and it was often hard to get him to stop playing so they could film a take.

The arcade game made more money than the movie did.

The movie was a commercial flop, but the Tron arcade game and its followup, Discs of Tron, were immensely popular in arcades nationwide.

Bridges had to wear a dance belt.


His crotch bulge was hilariously prominent in the costume, so it had to be held back by a dance belt.

The CG effects had to be done frame by frame.

Computers at the time couldn't actually "animate" scenes the way they do now, so the animators had to add the effects frame by frame, just like traditional animation.

The facts just get crazier from here...

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