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There's A Makeup Palette That Looks Like Our Favorite Crayon Set And We Need It

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By far one of the most vivid childhood memories that just about everybody holds onto is coloring with crayons. It's one of those things that apparently becomes inappropriate the second you hit a certain age, but let's get real; who doesn't love crayons?


Did you know that the classic Crayola box that everybody grew up with actually dates back to the early 1900s, when the company Binney & Smith decided to start manufacturing and selling colored crayons? Edwin Binney's wife Alice suggested marketing them under the name "Crayola," which is a combination of the French word craie (chalk), and ola for "oily."


The brand won numerous awards over the next several decades and became what we know it as today. There isn't a kindergarten class in the known universe that doesn't use these bad boys for pretty much the best activities of all time.

USA Today

Do you wish there was a way for you to capture the glory of using these classic crayons, but maybe in a way that's a little more... personal? Well my friend, have I got news for you: there's a makeup palette based on this classic crayon box. Have your wallet at the ready.

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