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These "Enchanted Roses" Could Live Forever

Flowers don’t last forever, it’s a universal fact. We can maybe get up to twelve days at most when it comes to longevity. But, what if I told you that is a rose species that can live for years? It’s basically the real-life version of Beauty and Beast’s iconic Enchanted Rose.

Forever Rose London, a florist based in UAE, is currently selling rare roses that grow larger and thicker than the regular and can live up to 3 years without water or sunlight! The special bloom was discovered by farmers in Ecuador’s volcanic fields according to The flowers are then enhanced with a “secret potion” that makes them stay fresh explained the company’s brand ambassador.

Forever Rose London

Inspired by the upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie, Forever Rose has launched a collection for the film’s fans. The collection includes The Bella Rose, The Bella Mini and The Love Rose with prices ranging from $70-$4,000. Didn’t think they’d come cheap, did you?

Forever Rose London

The roses are available in 18 different colors including blue, black, and emerald and of course the classic red. They come enclosed in a clear glass dome that resembles the one in the movie.

Forever Rose London
Forever Rose London

If you’d like to add a touch some special charm to your space or impress a Beauty and the Beast fan then you can browse and purchase the collection on the Forever Rose Website.

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