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15 Facts About Baywatch - Your Dad's Favorite TV Show

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Of all our beloved '90s shows, it's pretty surprising that Baywatch is getting the most attention these days. A new remake hit theaters this summer, while a musical inspired by the show debuts in London next year.

They can never measure up to the cheesy goodness of the original show, but we can't blame them for trying. Here are 15 facts about the original hit series:

1. Breast implants caused continuity errors

Yes, it's the kind of problem that would only come up on the set of Baywatch. According to producers, actress Nicole Eggert (who played Summer Quinn) was very "competitive" with co-star Pamela Anderson. Midway through season seven, the star arrived on set with breast enhancements.

Nicole EggertFreemantle Media

This wouldn't normally be a problem, but the crew had already filmed part of the episode with Eggert's original bust size. To hide the change, the director had to “put things in front of her and hide her for the rest of the episode."

2. A blind man directed 40 episodes of the show

Douglas Schwartz, one of Baywatch's producers, is also the only legally blind person in the Director's Guild of America. A condition called retinitis pigmentosa left him with just 10% of his vision, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Schwartz.

"Everything I could see was in-camera," he explains. Schwartz managed to direct four or five episodes each season.

3. The spin-off was so bad, they paid networks to air it

A lot of ideas from the set of Baywatch rose from the question "How can David Hasselhoff make more money?" The spin-off show Baywatch Nights was no exception. The show followed his character, Mitch Buchannon, moonlighting as a private detective when he wasn't on the beach.

The series was a real stinker, but producers worried canceling it after one season would hurt the Baywatch brand. To keep the show alive until the second season ended, the production company actually bought airtime for the show, like it was an expensive commercial.

4. One of the stars was a real lifeguard

If you guessed that it was David Hasselhoff, thanks for playing. Michael Newman's character on the show was also named Michael Newman. That's because Newman was a real Los Angeles County lifeguard and competitive swimmer with 20 years of experience keeping the public safe. He taped most of his own stunts, and his stories of actual rescues inspired a number of Baywatch episodes.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio almost joined the cast

Producers chose the actor to play Hobie, the son of David Hasselhoff's character, when he was just 15. They blame Hasselhoff for forcing him off the show. Reportedly, the star worried he would look "too old" with DiCaprio playing his son. The part went to 9-year-old Jeremy Jackson instead.

Jackson (right).HuffPost

Now, here's a surprising fact about the show's iconic wardrobe...

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