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The Truth Behind 'New Coke' And Why They Thought It Was A Good Idea To Change A Classic

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Basically everyone has had a Coca Cola beverage in their life. Whether it's a classic Coca-Cola, Diet Coke or Sprite, the company makes a bunch of different flavors that we all remember drinking since we were kids.

The thing is, there has always been this weird period of time that we hear about when Coca-Cola messed up royally. Some of us even remember it first-hand, but do you actually know the truth behind Coca-Cola's attempted 'New Coke' fiasco?

How it started

Coca-Cola had been the leading soda company in the country for decades, but by the early 80s, they were losing steam. Pepsi was catching up and they thought they needed to do something. Pepsi was quickly becoming more popular in super markets, and Coca-Cola was only holding on because they had most restaurants and vending machines on contract.

The company was desperate to do something to get new customers. Taste tests were showing the company that they liked the taste of Pepsi better, so they knew they needed to reformulate.

How they changed the flavor

Coca-Cola's newer product Diet Coke was doing really well in the markets. They wanted to try to recreate this with their new formula for their beverage, so they essentially took the formula for Diet Coke and removed the artificial sweeteners. They would then add back in the high fructose corn syrup.

They apparently took some time to get the balance just right and ended up with something that tasted a lot more like Pepsi.

Taste tests

Here's the real trick: People actually loved New Coke. Even though we all hear about the fact that New Coke was a huge blunder and marketing fail by the company, taste tests proved customers liked it.

People who did the taste tests preferred New Coke over the original Coke AND Pepsi, by a significant factor even!

Now that they knew people liked the product, they were ready to bring it public. That's where it all went wrong...

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