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The Lawrence Boys Are Back And We're Definitely Feeling The Brotherly Love

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The three Lawrence brothers were some of the biggest stars of the 90s. Joey, Matthew and Andrew each starred in some pretty iconic shows and movies over the years, and now they are coming back to TV together!

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The eldest, Joey, starred in Blossom and made everyone swoon in his ripped jeans and flannels. Matthew played Robin Williams' son in Mrs. Doubtfire before joining the cast of Boy Meets World. Andrew was lucky enough to be in the first Mr. Bean movie and also he voiced TJ in Recess!

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The Lawrence brothers previously worked together on a show called Brotherly Love, but each has had a successful career out side of this.  

Joey Lawrence has kept busy since Blossom and Brotherly Love ended, with shows like American Dreams, Run of the House, and Half & Half. He also went on to star in the show Melissa & Joey, with fellow 90s TV alum Melissa Joan Hart.


Matthew Lawrence finished up Brotherly Love before he got started on Boy Meets World, and has kept busy ever since. He was in a bunch of movies including The Hot Chick and The Comebacks,  and has also joined his brother on Melissa & Joey for a few episodes.


Andrew Lawrence starred in Brotherly Love with his brothers early in his career. Immediately after he was in Bean, the Mr. Bean feature film. He then went on to voice T.J. Detweiler in Recess and star in shows like Oliver Beene, Runaway, and United States of Tara. Most recently he has been appearing in Hawaii Five-0.


The brothers announced their show and it's pretty exciting to think they will all be back on the screen together.

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