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The History Of The Pez Dispenser Is A Lot Weirder Than You Think

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PEZ Candy

Basically everyone has owned a Pez dispenser in their lives, right? The iconic shape of the little candy containers is one of those things that have been around for generations.

You can get Pez dispensers with all kinds of characters on them, whether it's your favorite Disney characters, iconic super heroes, and even famous people like Elvis!

But apparently these weren't originally intended for children! Despite the fact that we really only remember them as these toy-like plastic figures, the original Pez dispensers were actually a little bit different.

They are actually shaped the way they are for a very specific reason: They are supposed to look like cigarette lighters!  

They were invented in Austria by a man named Eduard Haas III. He named them PEZ as a reference to the German word for peppermint "pfefferminz".

But why did they look like cigarette lighters? Well, their original purpose wasn't to be just a candy dispenser.

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