"The Crow" Is Getting A Reboot And The New Star Teased Its Return

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In 1994, the world was given The Crow. Based off James O'Barr's comic book of the same same, The Crow followed musician Eric Draven, who is revived from the dead to avenge his murder, as well as the rape and murder of his fiancee.

Tragically, The Crow was the last film Brandon Lee ever appeared in. Lee was shot and killed on the set of the film, after a dummy bullet was stuck in the gun used in the scene. When the gun was fired, Lee was shot in the abdomen. His family supported the director's decision to continue with the film. Lee's body double was used for scenes that hadn't been shot yet, and his face was superimposed onto the body.

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Lee's legacy lived on with The Crow, which grossed over $50 million in the United States. Lee was buried next to his father, Bruce Lee, in Seattle Washington.


Talks of rebooting The Crow have circulated since 2008, with rumors of cast and crew being thrown around with no real basis. Now, almost 24 years after the original film was released, The Crow has been confirmed for a reboot, and the cast has started to assemble.

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