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The Biggest Struggles 90s Kids Survived That Kids Today Would Not Understand

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Growing up in the 90s presented an interesting set of challenges. We were the first kids to learn about the internet, we were able to survive without DVRs, and we didn't have cellphones.

We really had a lot of things going on! There were some problems and struggles that are fairly universal that we all went through, and it's time to air it all out. Let's see if you ever experienced these dreaded problems from the 90s.

When you were on the internet but then your parents needed the phone

When your tape would get tangled but you didn't have a pencil handy

When your fancy new skip-free CD player lied

Having to answer the phone to know who it was because caller ID wasn't around

When you couldn't find a blank tape to record that show you really wanted to see

When you had to use Encarta to write a report because Google didn't exist yet

When your phone cord got tangled beyond repair

There are a lot more struggles you went through as a kid, click on the next page to see some of the worst ones possible!

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