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The 12 Cartoon Characters We Hated Then and We Still Hate Now

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Cinar / Disney

We loved cartoons as kids, but sometimes the characters in them actually got on our nerves. There 12 in particular were some of the most annoying jerks we had the displeasure of watching.



He was a spoiled brat who screamed and cried anytime he didn't get his way.

Scrappy Doo


A character designed to appeal entirely to kids ended up annoying them with his constant trying to fight everything and getting in the way.



Starscream spent half his moments whining to Megatron and the other half plotting to overthrow him. Why did anyone ever keep him around?

Elmyra Duff

Warner Bros.

Yeah she loved animals, but she refused to realize she was torturing them, and that is NOT cool.



This picture really says it all.

D.W. Read


Mean, spiteful, and always complaining, D.W. was the worst.

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