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Teens In The 80's Totally Did It First. You're Welcome 2017.

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As teens in the 1980's, we had the world at our fingertips. It was a defining age for us and our country; we all stood on the cusp of a cultural revolution. From the seeds of the 70's hippies era, we blasted and bloomed onto the scene in all of our neon, spandex, muscle-bound glory.

Without us, the world wouldn't have trend shakers like Madonna or Michael Jackson, who influenced almost every top musician performing today.

You can thank us for boldly wearing neon, matching track suits and terrifyingly huge perms so that you didn't have to. It was a fashion sacrifice that we were all too happy to make for the good of our future selves.

Scroll through and check out the awesome things 80's teens supported that totally contributed to the world:

Madonna was our MTV Queen

If we were old enough, we voted Regan for President.

Our "Miracle on Ice" was the best international ice hockey story in 100 years

We were the original "mall rats"

Aerobics was our Pilates

We watched our movies on VHS and listened to our music on records

Our mix tapes were the original iTunes.

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