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6 Facts About "Teen Wolf" That Will Leave You Howling

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Who else was stalking a full-moon when this low-budget cult classic hit the big screens?

This comedy-drama gave us the typical story of a young boy just trying to make his way through high school. A guy is ignored by his crush, he can't play basketball well, he has hair growing from weird places on his body, you, know average stuff. Oh, and he's a werewolf.

Michael J. Fox absolutely nailed this performance that had us rolling on the ground from laughter, and yet also taught us some pretty rad life lessons. Just not from Coach Finstock.

Here are some hair-raising behind-the-scenes facts about Teen Wolf!

"An Explanation Is Long Overdue..."

Fox signed director Rod Daniels because he was the only one who understood that the movie was about a boys relationship with his father and growing up, instead of just a "fantasy flick."

Raunchy Rhonda

Some audience members may have recognized the starlet from a different sort of role. Lynda Wiesmeier was actually Playboy's "Playmate of the Month" in July 1982!

"These waves are mine!"

Based on a seriously dangerous hobby that the writers had when they were kids, Fox actually got up onto the van to film the "urban surfing" scene. Luckily, he had a wire attached.

Keep reading as we "expose" some more tidbits from this 80s classic!

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