Take A Look Back At The 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Cast 24 Years Later

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Mrs. Doubtfire is without a doubt one of the best comedy-dramas to have ever graced the big screen. From Robin Williams's seamless portrayal of two characters, a father and husband going through a divorce, and a British nanny desperate to spend time with the kids.  

Not only has the movie made us laugh every single time we have watched it since its release in 1993, it has also delivered some very important messages that continue to inspire us over two decades later.


Of course, when we talk about the movie, we can't help but think about what the beloved cast have been up to over the last 24 years. Let's find out what's going on with the Hillards and the rest of the cast, shall we?

Mrs. Doubtfire/Mr. Hillard - Robin Williams

As we're all already aware, the legendary Robin Williams, who played both the goofy but doting Mr. Hillard and the charming title character, Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire, passed away in 2014.

His legacy, however, lives on through his incredible work in film, stand-up comedy, and philanthropy.

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The multiple award-winning iconic actor continued to take part in many critically acclaimed movies like Good Will hunting, Awakenings, and Jumanji. His final film, Boulevard, hit theaters nearly a year after his shocking death.

Miranda Hillard - Sally Field

Sally Field took on the role of the career-oriented but loving matriarch who fell out of love with her husband because he didn't take life too seriously?

Since wrapping up the movie, Field has gone on to appear in many other highly successful movies including Forrest Gump, Lincoln, and Hello, My Name is Doris. The two-time Academy Award winner also has a lot of TV credits to her name including her Emmy-winning roles in ER and Brothers & Sisters.


The 70-year-old actress took a break for a while, but she made her return in Little Evil, a Netflix horror comedy film that was released on September 1, 2017.

Lydia Hillard - Lisa Jakub


Lydia Hillard was the oldest of the Hillard children. She had a hard time accepting her parents breakup, and resented Mrs. Doubtfire, but as time went by she grew to love her.

Lisa Jakub was only 14 when she took on the role in 1993. She went on to appear in other 90s movies, including A Walk on the Moon and Independence Day before retiring from acting in 2001.


Jakub got married a few years after leaving Hollywood, and now works as a writer. She published her autobiography, You Look Like That Girl, in 2015.

The other Hillard siblings also remained in the spotlight for sometime after Mrs. Doubtfire was released and found success in many different ways.

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