Check Your Basement: These 13 Magic Cards Are Worth A Small Fortune

When Magic: The Gathering hit the scene in 1993, it changed the world of trading cards forever.Finally, there was a trading card game that older kids weren't embarrassed to be seen playing. Today, 20 million Magic players around the world are still collecting and trading their cards. But even if you've given up on the game, you might want to dig up your old collection.Certain magic cards are worth a bundle online. We've researched the average prices  for 13 of the most valuable cards (in good condition) on MTGPrices. See if any of these are tucked away


10 Trading Cards We All Spent Way Too Much Money Trying To Collect

Before everything 'cool' transferred online, we had trading cards to show off to our friends. The thrill of ripping open that wax package to see which cards were inside was exhilarating. Then we inserted, and organized, each valuable collectible in plastic trading card pages and placed them in a three-ringed binder. Or maybe you were one of those people who liked to keep them in their plastic wrap hoping that one day the cards will be worth thousands. Pokemon trading cards.Property RoomWe know there were many trading cards that made you look cool, whether they were based on your