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If You Can Guess These TV Catchphrases, You Absolutely Grew Up In The '90s

Catchphrases have been a big part of TV since it was invented. It seems like every show had at least one character who had a signature phrase that they need to say in every single episode, otherwise it just didn't feel right. The 90s was jam-packed full of catchphrases that are absolutely iconic. It seemed like networks would only air a show if it had as many catchphrases per episode as humanly possible.Let's see if you can remember these 90s star's famous catchphrases. 1. Bart Simpson had a few, can you name any of them? Fox2. Steve Urkel was

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12 'Full House' Quotes That Will Have You Saying "Oh, Mylanta!"

"Everywhere you look, everywhere you go..." there's a catch phrase that you have been using for decades and you never get sick of it. Full House has been in our lives since the late '80s when it first aired on TV. No matter how old you are, we all know the characters from the classic throwback show and we have definitely seen it more than once on reruns. While we may feel old thinking about how long ago this showed aired, not to mention that it has been off the air for 20 years, these phrases we all grew to


11 Signs You've 100% Turned Into Clark Griswold At Christmas

We all want to give our family a fun-filled Christmas, but how do we know when we've taken it too far? The holidays can be a stressful time that many of us survive with the help of Tylenol and alcohol. That's why it's fun to sit back, relax and watch a Christmas movie that we can all have a chuckle to. As the years go on, the random laughter becomes something more relateable, because we realize exactly how Clark is feeling during the holidays. With crazy family situations, dealing with your boss around the holidays and getting your house ready,