10 Movie Scenes That Disney Couldn't Get Away With Now

As a child born in the 80s, I grew up watching classic Disney movies. As children our innocence stops us from picking up on some of the more controversial aspects of these films. Over the last half-century, Disney has definitely pushed the envelope on what is acceptable a number of times. Several times they went so far out of bounds (not considered so at the time) that if they tried it today they would be quickly at the mercy of public opinion.Here are 10 instances where Disney definitely crossed a line, at least by today's standards. 1. Pinocchio smoking


The Strange Thing We All Missed When We Watched 'Toy Story' Will Change How You Look At Andy

Toy Story may be one of the most famous Pixar movies of all time, but that doesn't mean it hasn't left us all with some questions. Woody, Buzz, and friends create an interesting world that we get to experience, but there are a few strange theories about the classic movie that have us wondering what's going on. Disney/PixarThere are popular fan theories and questions that have been circulating since the movie came out back in the 90s, but some are more disturbing than others. Disney/PixarThere are some that aren't too creepy, like "Why does Buzz freeze when Andy


Disney Finally Gives Details About The Only Movie Sequel We Actually Want

It's been 13 years since the Pixar classic The Incredibles came out, and honestly, it's been too long. PixarThey ended the movie with a new villain being introduced so obviously we all assumed we would get a sequel, but as the years passed we lost hopeWhen Pixar finally announced that we were getting an Incredibles 2 we all collectively lost our minds. They gave us literally no information at the time, just a movie poster but now all of that has changed! DisneyAt the 2017 D23 Disney Expo, they announced a bunch of awesome projects that we have to look


15 Moments In Pixar Movies That Are Way Too Devastating To Be In Kid's Movies

Pixar movies are notorious for their ability to destroy you. You go in expecting a happy kids movie, and instead they teach you some kind of life lesson that leaves you sobbing into your sleeve trying to stay quiet in the theater so no one else notices. I mean, everyone is sobbing so it's not all that embarrassing, but it's still not great.They are able to make these animated creations make us feel more than some of do in our every day lives. If you told me years ago that I would be sobbing over some fish eggs, I