11 TV Sidekicks Who Stole the Show From The Main Character

Having a good imagination was pretty important when you were a kid. There were so many amazing toys and games that you could play, but the way to ensure they were going to be the maximum level of awesome was to tap into that youthful and innocent imagination. One of the most enjoyable things to imagine was having a pet or animal buddy that you could hang out with. I guess you could try to convince your parents to get a pet, but they weren't really the same as some of the ones you saw on TV. A lot of


You May Have Seen The New Characters, But You Probably Don't Know Who They Replace

There is nothing that is sacred, nothing that is left untouched, and nothing that is immune from a remake. The My Little Pony remake isn't new at all, but when you look at the old and new shows together, it's beyond upsetting.The original My Little Pony show came out in the 80s and then there was a follow up called My Little Pony Tales in the early 90s. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic came out in 2010 and they really went all out on a new look and style of our favorite pony friends. I'm not going to