Will Smith Has Just Shared The First Photo Of The Aladdin Cast All Together

The new Aladdin movie is officially in production! Filming has started and the whole cast is ready to make all this Disney reboot the best yet. DisneyWe have even been adding more cast members as recently as this week, and people are getting excited to see how all of this is going to turn out. It's hard to imagine how they intend on making something so whimsical and magical like Aladdin come to life, but I guess we will just have to be patient. DisneyThe cast has finally all assembled in one place, and it's pretty exciting to see them


Disney Announced Who's Playing Jafar And The Internet Has A Lot Of Feelings

Jafar is one of the scariest villains to ever exist in a Disney movie. He is crazy powerful, super manipulative and honestly just the creepiest guy around. DisneyIf you don't believe me that he is actually pure evil, think about all the things he did in that movie! He couldn't care less about the man he watched die in front of him in the Cave of WondersDisneyHe brainwashes the sultan to try and convince him to let him marry Jasmine (even though she didn't want to)DisneyHe sentences Aladdin to deathDisneyYou might be thinking "Well he helped him escape!" but