Jim Carrey Shared The Story Of How He Found Out Tommy Lee Jones Hated Him, And It's Pretty Brutal

Batman Forever is not everyone's favorite movie in the Batman franchise, but it's still pretty decent. If you can appreciate the campy nature then Val Kilmer's version of the caped crusader is absolutely enjoyable. Warner Bros.There were two main villains in this movie, The Riddler and Two Face. They were played by Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones respectively. Even just hearing those two actors mentioned in the same sentence feels wrong. They could not be more different. Jim Carrey is known for his cartoon-like behavior and outlandish sense of humor. Warner Bros.While Tommy Lee Jones has a


Jim Carrey's Bizarre Interview Has People Wondering If Everything Is Okay

Jim Carrey is causing a bit of controversy thanks to his latest interview, and people are wondering if everything is okay with the famous actor. GiphyHe recently showed up at New York Fashion Week, which seems strange enough, but that's not what people are concerned about. He was interviewed by E! News' Catt Sadler on the red carpet but it did not go well. YouTubeNormally, meeting a celebrity is a very polished encounter. Everyone is always trying to come across as the best version of themselves so they don't harm their career, but Carrey kind of went off in a


20 Ace Ventura Moments That Will Make You Laugh Even If You Hate Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey was one of the biggest actors of the 90s. He was adored by people everywhere for his rubber-like face and his impeccable comedic timing. Warner Bros. Lately, people have kind of cooled off on Jim Carrey. They don't love when celebrities take political stances so his popularity has fallen into the background. The thing is, no matter what you think about Jim Carrey you have to admit one thing: Ace Ventura is one of the greatest characters ever. Warner Bros. There are countless quotable moments that will make you laugh so hard it hurts. Seriously, it's just too


11 Monkey Movies That Made You Go Bananas As A Kid

Animals are pretty much the best thing on the planet. Whether you are referring to a house pet, a farm animal or even a fictional cartoon, nine times out of ten, the animal is going to steal the show. There are of course a lot of dog movies out there that we all know and love, but have you ever realized just how many monkey movies there really are? Maybe it's because genetically we feel so connected to them, or maybe it's just because they are so cute. Either way, monkeys are everywhere and it is AWESOME! Here are some