The Biggest "Plot Hole" in 'Home Alone' Isn't Actually A Plot Hole At All.

Home Alone is one of the most beloved Christmas movies of all time, and it's easy to understand why. Directed by Chris Columbus and written by the late, great John Hughes, it has comedy, action, tension, and above all else, heart.FOXIn case you're one of the three people who hasn't seen it before, the movie stars a young Macauley Culkin as Kevin McAllister, the youngest kid in a dysfunctional family who are about to leave on a trip for Christmas. A power outage forces the family to rush to the airport, only to realize once they're in the air

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10 Facts About "Home Alone", Ya Filthy Animal

It's safe to say no holiday movie marathon is complete without Home Alone. Released in November 1990, this hilarious movie about what a kid would do when he is left to defend his home against burglars during the holidays, was an instant classic. This movie without a doubt turned Macaulay Culkin into an overnight child star. While you may be confident that you can recite this movie line for line, here are some facts about the film you may not know. Settle in and enjoy, ya filthy animals. 1. There would be no Home Alone without Uncle BuckThe idea of


More Than 25 Years Since 'Home Alone' Came Out, The Inside Of The McCallister House Looks Better Than Ever

There are some movies that have iconic settings that we remember for all time. Whether it's a school, a boat, or a house, the location is usually an incredibly important factor. The movie Home Alone features one of the most memorable houses ever. 20th Century FoxThe thought of being alone in that house when we were kids was kind of insane. It was an enormous house that if it wasn't being burgled would have been a total dream to spend the week in alone. 20th Century FoxThe real house used for filming was located in Illinois in the village of


Macaulay Culkin Is Looking Good And The Internet Can't Handle It

Everyone remembers Macaulay Culkin as the adorable little Kevin McCallister from basically every '90s movie imaginable right? Well people are freaking out about how he looks now and it's pretty hilarious. 20th Century FoxHe got his start all the way back in the late '80s. His first big role you might remember him from was as Miles Russell in Uncle Buck.Universal PicturesHe then defended his home from the Wet Bandits in Home Alone.20th Century FoxHe then made friends with Michael Jackson, after starring in the Black or White music video.ImgurThen came time to break all of our


15 Movie Facts That Sound Fake But Are 100% True

Thanks to the internet, there are all sorts of crazy secrets we can find out about our favorite stars and movies, but every once and a while you come across a fact that just sounds too out there to possibly be true. Sometimes they even turn out to actually be fake, but that's not the case for these 15 wild pieces of movie trivia.1. James Cameron was a truck driver, until he saw Star WarsWe can thank Star Wars for giving us theseWikimedia Commons / 20th Century Fox / TriStar Pictures / Paramount PicturesJames Cameron has given us some of the greatest