10 Reasons Why Xena Was The Warrior Princess We All Needed When We Were Growing Up

She was the fiercest warrior in the entire fantasy realm, sorry Hercules, but Xena was way better. Even though she was intended as a minor character on the Hercules: The Legendary Jouneys show, she managed to create enough buzz to earn her own spin off! MCA TVThere are a lot of interesting facts that people need to know about this show. It's honestly one of the best shows from our childhood and we should all appreciate it for what it was: An absolute gem! 1. Xena wasn't a planned spin, she just happened to be really popularMCA TVAs we mentioned

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15 Secondary Disney Characters Who Deserve To Have Their Own Movie

Disney seems to be going on this enormous reboot spree, turning all of their cartoons into live action versions. We can only be angry for so long before it gets exhausting, so instead, let's propose some other options for the mega-corporation! They have a lot of incredible properties that we loved as kids, but how about instead of remaking them completely, they flesh them out in some new ways. No, I am not talking more sequels, not exactly. What if they took the focus away from the main characters and instead gave it to the characters we really want to