You May Have Forgotten About Murphy Brown, But This Controversy Is Legendary

The show Murphy Brown was incredibly iconic. Not only was it a long lasting series that everyone seemed to love, but the show is credited with changing the way TV was made forever. Warner Bros. TelevisionThe show started in 1988 and quickly became a hit. The character Murphy Brown was played by Candice Bergen, and she was unlike any other on TV at the time. She was a recovering alcoholic who goes back to work at the fictional news show FYI. She is over 40 and has managed to become one of the most notable media personalities around. Warner Bros.


25 Shows So Good We'd Actually Spend Time With Our Families To Watch Them

Watching TV with the family was pretty much a daily requirement for most of us. Whether it was watching the evening sitcoms with your parents after dinner, or the daytime soaps with Grandma, TV was a big part of our childhoods. TriStar PicturesThere were so many shows that we watched with our families that were beyond our understanding. Sure, a lot of cartoons added in some adult humor that we missed, but often times these shows were specifically intended for grown ups. Our parents were okay with us watching them as long as it was with them and that was