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His Sister Is Famous, But What Happened To The Kid From "The Kid?"

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In the early 2000s, it seemed like Spencer Breslin was going to be around forever. The young actor was appearing in movies and TV shows left, right, and center, and there were no signs of him slowing down.

His first big break was in the year 2000 in the Bruce Willis movie The Kid, where he played the 8-year-old version of Willis's character. Breslin was an automatic hit, with his comedic timing and squeezable face making him the perfect child star.


Then Breslin found himself in a couple smaller roles before turning up again in 2002 in the Disney Channel movie, You Wish! He played a younger annoying brother who gets wished away by his older brother. In an alternate universe, he's a TV star with tons of fame.

Disney Channel

In 2003, Breslin starred in The Cat In The Hat with Mike Myers. Even though the movie itself was a total yawn, Breslin and his co-star, Dakota Fanning, were praised for their performances.


After The Cat In The Hat, Breslin appeared in Raising Helen with his younger sister, Abigail, and that's when things started to shift. The world realized there was a better Breslin available and they used it to their full advantage.


Abigail began showing up more and more, even getting nominated for an Oscar for her role in Little Miss Sunshine. Slowly but surely, Spencer began to fade away. He would still appear on red carpets with his sister now and then, but he certainly wasn't starring is as many movies as before.

Ace Show Bizz

Spencer's last big role was in 2008 when he appeared in the movie The Happening with Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel.

20th Century Fox

So what's been going on with Spencer Breslin, the kid from "The Kid" who ultimately disappeared from Hollywood?

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